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"Pretty Flower"

Hawaii is home is home to some of the world's most beautiful flowers and plants. Here you will find just a sampling of what you could find in Hawaii.

Bird of Paradise
Origin: South Africa (Madagascar)
This is a clump forming herbaceous plant known mostly for its brilliant blue and orange flowers that resemble some kind of tropical bird. The stem of the plant seems to resemble a long neck of a bird while the vibrant blossoms represent a tuft of feathers upon the "bird's" crown. A succession of three-petaled flowers, each about 6 inches long, emerges in full color from a boat-shaped pod on top of a 3 to 4 foot stalk. Because it has long been seen in Hawaiian floral decorations, the vibrant orange and blue blossom of the Bird of Paradise one of the more familiar tropical flowers.

The Anthurium was first introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in 1889 by an English missionary from Columbia. These flowers are very popular because of their vibrant colors and their long vase life even after they have been cut. This heart-shaped favorite can retain its fresh-cut freshness for up to 45 days. Their bold and vibrant color along with their shiny, heart-shaped petals, have made them a favorite all over the world.


The Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, comes to us from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and Australia and is the orchid of choice for beginners. It comes from the Greek word sphalaina (moth) and opsis (resemblance). In fact the petals do look like the wings of the Phalaena moth (owlet moth), hence the name moth orchid. The moth orchid is epiphytic, which means it grows on other plants (in this case, trees), but it is not parasitic. It gets its moisture and food from the air and rain.

The plumeria is unique among flowers because of its vast range of scents. The distinct and easily identifiable fragrances range from coconut, rose, peach, jasmine, to spicy, and scents that are just too wonderful to describe. There are also numerous variations of color, ranging from pure white, yellow, gold, pink, rose, deep red, light purple, and combinations of each color twirled into a rainbow.

Like its cousins, the star jasmine and oleander,  the plumeria has a white milky poisonous sap. It is native to the tropics, ranging from the Americas to India and is especially abundant in the Hawaiian and Caribbean Islands. Plumeria may be grown in the ground or in pots. They also may be stored bare root for the winter, which makes them an ideal tropical plant that may be grown and brought to flower almost anywhere. Even in northern climates!
Hibiscus blossoms are know for their great variation. They come in thousands of colors and combinations of colors. Some Hawaiian plants were probably crossed with hibiscuses from China.
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